Bushcraft Kit on a Budget entry level gear20:38

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Published on January 3, 2018

Bushcraft Kit

Some thoughts on Budget Bushcraft Kit from your local Dollar Stores. Don't cheap-out on your survival gear.

The point of this Video is to point out how we can teach our children how to make prepping items and still save money.

Most Good Starter items can be Hand-me-downs or made from something different. So, teach your Friends and Children some skills and build a bond.

Items Mentioned

Don't just buy a cheap tarp and call it good, make your own from a good top-sheet and waterproof it, or here some very good ones that want break the Bank.

Find a good hatchet or make one, but avoid the cheapo ones that will fly apart when used, someone will get hurt.

Get your new Prepper a Good Knife, these are very inexpensive but impressive and recommended by many.

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Bushcraft kit
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