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Published on January 17, 2018

YouTube, and your Video Money

Here are 5 Reasons you need to have your Channel on the TEOTWAWKI Channel

#1.  It seems that everyone is losing money from demonetizing these days, well, those that review Knives, Guns, Gun Safety, Shooting Tutorials, Gun Repair and any other bullshit excuse the PC Police can come up with that is.  But there are those that feel no pain, those are the creators that tow-the-line, and follow ALLLL the Rules, even the ones they disagree with.

But "What Rules" you may ask?  I will not get into the Terms of Service bull, but there are rules, and the one rule no one is looking at is the biggest Rule in Business.  That rule is "Offend No One", or at least those that give you money, noticed I did NOT say those that make you money.  You see, YouTube is a Service, they give us a place to host Videos, which cost YouTube tons of money, and they charge us, the creators, nothing, zip, nada, so what do they do to pay their bills, Sell Ad Space.

So let me ask, is it a Two Way Street?  No, it is not, and the fact that they even share a small part of that money is pretty damn nice of them.  We use their million dollar servers and they make money off of all them views on their servers.  So, they will not, and should not offend those that give them money, Advertisers that is, because they know who is paying the rent at YouTube, so to speak.

So it may suck, but if advertisers choose to avoid videos that may offend their demographics, they have every right to do so, why, see rule numeral uno, they don't want to offend those that give them money.  So YouTube uses algorithms to screen for offensive content that may Hurt YouTube's Customers, as a service, and not to piss us off.

So, be glad for the small amount of pocket change YouTube gives you and figure out what you can do to make up for the Gravy Train that has come to a STOP.  Oh. I almost forgot, this is

#2, Start thinking like an Ad Agency and not like a child waiting for your allowance.  If you are truly Butt-Hurt from the loss of income, then you must of had a lot of dollars taken away, what that means is that you have great content that viewers want to view, right?  

Well, you still have all those viewers, they still love you, they are still subscribed, so, Get Busy, what are you waiting for another handout?  

Advertisers pay $0.30 per view, that is each advertiser for every view.  So, do the math, $0.30 times 10,000 views = $3000.00 dollars for a 30 second spot.   If your AWESOME video is 20 minutes long, and you sale one spot in the beginning, 2 in the middle and maybe 3-4 just before the conclusion, that is a lot of money, $24,000 dollars to be exact, and that is one video.

Do you see any potential here? this is how Late-Night Shows like:

  • Jimmy Fallon can get paid $16 million dollars per year.  
  • Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel are tied at $15 million, ​
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show." She leads the pack with estimated earnings of $50 million a year.  

How can ABC, NBC, and CBS pay that much...Ad Revenue, and don't forget that all those shows have overhead, lots and lots of overhead, my point is that Creator's are leaving lots of Money on the proverbial Table.

PS Do you see those first 2 ads on the left Sidebar, their mine!!! and could be yours, below is a Video description banner ad used instead of words and links (Click to Zoom)

#3 Let YouTube keep hosting your HD, 4K videos for FREE and find yourself some focused Advertisers, they are out there and we know they are out there because they are paying Jimmy Fallon's salary.  Let YouTube also keep track of all your viewership, stats and analytics all while you do your job and put all the right tags and SEO stuff on your videos, and sell your own ad space.

#4 is where TEOTWAWKI comes into the picture, and I'm sure there are others out there, but we are focused on all things End of the World, like prepping, survival, camping, hiking, first-aid, knife reviews, gun reviews and such, basically, everything that will get you flagged on YouTube.

Having a Channel on gets you a page with all your main advertisements on your own sidebar, like that one on your left.

  • Up to 2, 300x250 Sidebar Ads, of YOUR Choosing.
  • A Banner for your Channel on the Main Channels Page that links to your page.
  • As many Category pages you need with what is basically your playlists in YouTube.
  • Zero Hosting cost, because that's YouTube's Job.

And I'm sure, as we grow, things we haven't thought of will be added.

#5 Last but not least, and because I promised you, 5 Reasons, What Do You Have To Lose?  

The Player supports and forces HD, there is a Sweet Share Pop-up at the end of every video, and You Are In Charge.   Add small pop-ups in your videos that are like tiny Ad's when using or reviewing a Product, Companies will pay for just the mention, your TV doesn't have any way to click on all their Mind-numbing Ads, and yet Network get paid millions for that stuff.

There are likely more than 5 Reasons to have a Channel on, and if you are as smart as I know you are, then I don't need to list then all here.  Become the Talent, make your own money, write your own check, and stop whining that YouTube has stopped putting money in your cup, that's a reference to the old expression, "You  Look Like A Guy with a Cup in His Hand", it meant beggar.

So Please feel free to take a look around, 

  • Click the Channels tab  on the menu bar and look at the Channel Banners
  • Click one, and look over their Channel Page
  • Check out their categories and watch some of the Creators Videos
  • Repeat

This is not a Silver Bullet, just a chance to Hustle and even if Your Channel has not been Demonetized by the YouTube Police, you can still use TEOTWAWKI Channel to add income from other sources. 

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