Q&A from Oregon

Published on March 23, 2018

00:46 Drone https://lighterpack.com/r/b8a8ic
04:46 How are you holding up physically?
06:10 Fire Closures
08:39 What was your day job before hiking?
10:21 Toenails
11:11 Do you roll your tent up or just stuff it in the bag?
12:00 Bears/Mountain Lions
13:23 Is the bottom of your tent lasting without a protective layer?
13:53 What do you think about someone doing the PCT first instead of the AT?
15:26 Are you still fishing?
15:43 Favorite lake so far?
16:16 How would you compare thru-hikers on the PCT vs AT?
19:02 Guthooks and InReach
20:51 People over 40
21:32 Trail plans after the CDT
23:02 Favorite brand of socks
23:47 Does Perk carry a backup pair of glasses?
25:14 General gear philosophy

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