YouTube Video Production Tips with Thomas Frank (& How He Got to 1m Subscribers!)

Published on July 10, 2018

YouTuber Thomas Frank (with over 1 million subscribers) joins me in the studio today to talk about video production and his workflow for creating high-quality YouTube videos on a consistent basis.

As a productivity master, he’s nailed down a production workflow that’s inspiring and something we can all learn from. We even discuss a lot of tools I had never heard of before, too.

Learn how to grow your YouTube channel and create videos like a pro as we discuss topics like:

-Where do you get ideas for videos to make?
-How important are keywords?
-How should you approach your work on YouTube?
-How much research should you do on your videos?
-How consistent should you be on YouTube?
-Do you script your videos?
-How do you add jokes into your videos, and why is that important?
-How and when do you film a-roll and b-roll for your videos?

Tools mentioned during this conversation:

Ahrefs for keyword research:

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