How to Make Moving Pictures on Your Phone! (Plotagraph & Cinemagraph Tutorial)

Published on July 29, 2018

Learn how to make moving pictures on your phone EASILY! Plotagraph & Cinemagraph Tutorial for both iPhone and Android. **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► Android: ► iPhone:


► Loopsie
– iOS:
– Android:

► Cinegraph – Living Photos
– iOS:

► Cinemagraph Pro
– iOS:

► Plotaverse
– iOS:
– Android:

► Zoetropic
– iOS:
– Android:

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— How to Make Moving Pictures on Your Phone! (Plotagraph & Cinemagraph Tutorial) —

If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram at all lately you’ve most likely stumbled across some amazing posts that are essentially moving photos… Some of the image is frozen (like a photo) and other parts are moving (like video)… “What!?” you might have said? “That’s awesome. How can I do that?”

Good news! They’re not hard to make and there are some great apps that let you make your magical moving pictures right from your iPhone or Android device!

First off, what exactly ARE these mystical animated pictures called? You may have heard them called both Plotagraphs and Cinemagraphs (or perhaps the more technical term, ‘moving pictures’, I like to use? 😉 )

Whether an ‘animated image’ is a Cinemagraph or Plotagraph actually depends on HOW it was created. Cinemagraphs start with videos that are then masked and edited, whereas Plotagraphs start from photos and rely on some editing magic to animate static elements within the picture.

In either case, it’s important to know how to do both so you can create moving picture awesomeness no matter what files you’re working with. (Yeah we got your back… That’s why we put together this Plotagraph and Cinemagraph Tutorial!)

In this video we’ll run through some great Instagram tools and step-by-step how to use them. You’ll finish up knowing not only how to make a Cinemagraph, but how to make a Plotagraph as well – so your Instagram is set for moving photo goodness no matter what you’re shooting.

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