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TEOTWAWKI Channel is my solution to YouTube's Monetization Policy's, while allowing you to advertise Freely, but with many Awesome advantages over YouTube's basic, and low Monetization payment structure.

You have an Awesome YouTube Channel, looks like you make a lot of quality videos. I can post anyone's videos from YouTube on my site, but I am trying to build a nice place for Creators, a place to share from, and monetize their videos on.

  1. Creator’s Videos stay hosted on YouTube, but I build a Channel or Network for you with a sidebar and affiliate links of your choosing.
  2. Plus the Description is placed on the video differently so your links can be more visual and direct like Google AdSense Banners. 

This is a work in progress and still getting the bugs worked out, so be in the mix from the start. I know that YouTube is very problematic with shearing their money, especially Knives and Gun Reviews, and many other types of videos like conservative points of view.

When you share your videos from TEOTWAWKI Channel to your Social groups, it will help with building a following, plus all Likes, View Stats and Analytic's are still counted by YouTube, it is just a nicer viewer than YouTube because your main Affiliate links are on your TEOTWAWKI videos sidebar, like the one you can see on your left, not YouTube's.

Recently added:

  • Comments below videos, and you are the moderator of comments under your videos.
  • Email Sign up Ribbons on your pages, Plus a Sign Up widget for your videos Side Bar. This can help keep your viewers engaged with your content. Emails are sent to your viewers via RSS champagnes we set up with NO SPAM, because it is from a Category Feed on our site it makes it automatic and hands free.
  • A Facebook Secret Group, just for the Creators on TEOTWAWKI, with helpful information on how to advertise your content as the Talent/Producer, putting the money in your pocket, not YouTubes.

To answer your question, NO, there is no cost, just bring your “A Game” and “Awesome Videos”.

We need good series for the Channel, think of television channels like History and Discovery, their Shows are all created by people like you and other YouTube Creators, so why work for FREE. 

Do You make Videos for:

  • Bushcraft Cooking​
  • Navigation
  • Communications 
  • First Aid 
  • Shelter Building 
  • Mindset
  • Survival 
  • Bushcraft Skills

Did you ever stop to think how it is possible for Large Networks to pay their Talent such Huge Sums of Money?

With Affiliate Links? Calls To Action Buttons? Sales Funnels?  NO!!! with Advertising.

Large Networks pay Creators, Producers, Camera Operators, and Writers to make Shows like Naked and Afraid, Alone, Bushcraft Build off, Forged in Iron, Gas Monkey Garage, Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera. Then they sale these Shows to Advertisers that want to sell their goods to those demographics (Customers) that watch those kind of Shows.

Do you have a Show? and do you speak to a certain demographics?

YES you do, how can I be so sure? because you have Subscribers and Viewers, they LIKE Your Show, your Content, and Style. YouTube knows this too, and is able to sell YOUR content their advertisers, and so can you, and TEOTWAWKI is how.

The ONLY difference between History or Discovery Channel and TEOTWAWKI Channel is tons of money to through at content, but wait, you make content.  So you see there is no difference, they have to pay people to make their content and you do the same thing, make content.  But when you do it is something you like to do, but you do it for Free, then YouTube markets Your Content to buyers or YouTube's Customers.  

If you think about it You are working for free and YouTube is making a Grip of Cash off of your Hobby, so why not use YouTube for Video Hosting, Analytics and processing your Content and then sell your content, why not Stop working to make YouTube Money and Start making Your own Money?

​​​If this sounds good to you, Fill out FORM Below.