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JAKTKIT KNV2 milspec

  JAKTKIT KNV2 milspec A quick review for upcoming videos on this amazing well made knife. Knife Knv2 – Best in test! Knives ready for challenges Your Knv knife must …

Fire Tinder Bomb!

  Here is my “Fire Tinder Bomb” i made form a Kinder egg and added some of my tinder. The aim is to create a compact waterproof ready to go …

Coffee on the Go!

Grab a coffee on the Go.. A simple brew kit i carry. Coffee from: I used a Highlander fastboil to make my Coffee Highlander have tweaked the design of …

Custom Ferro rods

Custom Ferro rod, by Cornish knives and camping. Go check out Mikes channel!….

Aldi Budget flashlight £2.49

Aldi budget buy flashlight £2.49 Lightway LED Torch made from aluminium 70 lumen 1w weight 55gramms LED life 50.000 hours

Grab and Go kit

So this is my Grab and Go kit. Something i put together, hopefully give you ideas to put your own kit together. This wont be everyones choice and its an …

Cooking pot kit

Compact cooking kit storage. This is my space saving kit, everybody has their own ideas on what they need. This is just one of mine that i use for space …

Fire kit 2018

How I choose my Fire Kit. This is a video on the Fire Kit i like to make and carry with me.