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10 Videos that will take you from the very beginning to pro developer.

1 How To Make Websites

Duration: 16:29

Learn how to code your own website! Learn the basics of HTML, HTML Tags, HTML Attributes.

2 Learn CSS For Web Design

Duration: 7:30

Getting familiar with the basics of CSS. Learn what Cascading style sheets are, how they are written

3 The CSS Box Model

Duration: 8:45

Learn The CSS Box Model. How does padding, border, and margin affect your elements? We're also going...

4 CSS Reset vs Normalize

Duration: 5:21

What is a CSS Reset? Your web browser adds CSS to your websites by default, and that may cause issues.

5 Responsive Web Design

Duration: 11:52

Flexbox is a modern alternative and companion to other layout modes like Block, and Grid (which just came out).

6 How To Mock-Up A Site

Duration: 11:39

plan a website, create mock-up designs on paper, and finally make a fully designed photoshop mock-up.

7 CSS Variables In 20 Mins

Duration: 19:03

This time we'll take what we learned about flexbox and the mockup we designed in the last video,

8 Animating with CSS

Duration: 7:00

In this video, we'll be going over CSS transitions and timing functions using cubic beziers.

9 Native CSS Variables

Duration: 6:14

Going to go over "CSS Custom Properties" also known as CSS Variables. Use CSS variables to quickly theme your website or create more...

10 CSS Keyframe Animation

Duration: 8:24

CSS animation using @keyframes. This is part two of our CSS Animation tutorial playlist, so be sure to watch part one

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