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The Calorie Theory

The calorie theory is not a myth ! I can not believe that some people think that calories do not mean anything !!!!http://www.byebyecarbs.com/

Low Carb Diet by Dr. Gregory Ellis

In this video Gregory Ellis goes over the Low Carb Diet and also goes over some diets associated with it like the Adkins diet. Also he goes over why people …

Gregory Ellis talks about X-Cell R8

Gregory Ellis talks about the X-Cell R8 pills and goes over the process that happens when you use the pill. X-Cell R8 will give you energy and this is FDA …

The Zone Diet and Ketosis

The Zone diet avoided Ketosis by increasing the daily percentage of carbohydrates in the diet to a non-ketogenic level. This video describes the right balance between insulin and glucagon.http://www.byebyecarbs.com/