Add a Second Location to Your Business
(and Monetize Your Videos)


Most successful businesses have more than one location, why don't you?

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    A NEW Location with a Sidebar 3 advertisement locations This is Prime Real Estate
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Have you ever thought about having a second Location for Your YouTube Business?

Most successful Startups will open a second location, why is that and why do Fast Food Chains have even thousands of locations?  The answer is quite simple, Scalability, once all the bugs are worked out and they are running smoothly and at a profit, why not open another location.

Any startups first location is where all the problems are worked out, inventory issues, workflow and any other problem can be corrected as they grow.  Once that is done and the business is turning a profit, it's time to grow.

Video creation is much the same, you have tweaked the camera settings, lighting and sound, you have viewers (Customers) and YouTube is your first location.  There is just one small problem with that location, you are limited to how much you can make, but the upside is that this location has tons of traffic, and they wearhouse your products for free.

“Just because you may have a small niche, and create One-Off videos for your followers, does not mean that you are a Bad Actor and should not be allowed to make a living from your hard work"

In this example, your Landlord (YouTube) can be a real ass, they tell you what product to show, and if they don't fit in, they will not help promote your business.  Is it time to Open a Second Location?

By choosing TEOTWAWKI Channel you'll get the following benefits:

​Your Own Sidebar

With TEOTWAWKI, people will see advertisements  you want them to see.  Up to (two) 300x250 Ads or one 300x600 Ad per/Channel and a Banner Ad for your Video Description.

A Channel Page

A Page to call Your Own, this is a website page that is all about you and your content.  When you Share your Content from your Page, everyone sees your Ad's, your Videos and your Social Links.

​​Shows & Series

Some may call them Playlists but this is your Content, broken into Shows, Episodes, or Series.  Take your Viewers on your journey, Teach them your Skills you are the Producer and Talent.

"stifling of commercial free speech."

"We suspect it will be interpreted to block much more content than the stated goal of firearms and certain accessory sales,” the foundation said in a statement. “We see the real potential for the blocking of educational content that serves instructional, skill-building and even safety purposes. Much like Facebook, YouTube now acts as a virtual public square. The exercise of what amounts to censorship, then, can legitimately be viewed as the stifling of commercial free speech.”

- The National Shooting Sports Foundation

TEOTWAWKI Channel is your solution to YouTube's Monetization Policy

"And a GREAT Second Location for your Expantion"

Once Your Video is on TEOTWAWKI you can Share it to anyone you please, and when they watch that AWESOME Video you Shared, they will see Your Sidebar and Advertisments, not YouTubes. 

Your videos stay hosted on YouTube, because it is Free, YouTube will continue to track your Analytics, Watch-time, and all Statistics, and  YouTube will still Optimize all the Videos you Publish, they will just be shared from TEOTWAWKI Channel also. 

So What Happens if... that awesome video you just Published goes Viral, but gets stuck in YouTube's Review Process and gets Flagged because you may have said, or done something that may, or may not offend one of YouTube's Advertisers?

ZERO dollars is What happens!!! You Made ZIP

You See, when a YouTube Video gets Flagged, it can still go Viral due to inertia and viewer interest, but you, the Creator just don't get Paid.

What TEOTWAWKI Does for You:


Put Your Best Paying Links Forward

Affiliate links, Product, or Sales Funnels links if they make you money..."Put Them Here."

Step out of the YouTube Ecosphere and Control.  No need to associate your pages, or ask permission to ask for money, put your Patrion Banner here, and let you followers support your work.

Categorize Your Videos, and show off your Best Work

  • "Put it all together, eCourses, DIY Videos Camping or Hiking Series."

Don't just throw a bunch of your Best work into a disjointed Playlists, Create a Series, 

  • Use Your New TEOTWAWKI Channel to Focus Your YT Subscribers into Raving Fans with Specific Videos...
  • Use an eCourse Video as a Mini "Sneak-Peak" then send your Viewers straight to your Sales Page.
  • Take Your Viewers on a Daily Journey with Vlogs, Or Teach them something New each week with a DIY Series, or promote your Nutrition Site.

​​​​Think "Outside The Box" Become your own Ad-Executive

"Late Night Talk-Show Hosts make Millions...from Advertising"

And just think about that for a second, is there a Link, or Button you can Click on with your Remote Control?

Advertisers, or Sponsors, pay the Networks to have their ads show up on Popular Shows.  You may not Sign up Coke or McDonald's, but I know for a Fact that Smaller Companies are always looking to find places to advertise to their Niche Market.

Image or Video? it's Your Channel

"A picture is worth a thousand words, and with a Channel Video No One has to Read them"

A Channel Video is a Great way to Show your viewers what you're all about, who you are and what you do.

Do You do Animation? Show Them! 

       Do You Sing? Serenade Them! 

               Are You Passionate? Teach Them!

You're a Video Creator and this is your Channel, Now Create a Channel Video!!!

Getting Social with All Your Fans

People Like to Click on Icons, but long abstract Links, Not So Much!!!

Use your Video Description for a Banner Ad and Keep all your Social Links in one handy place

There is no "right" or "perfect" number of Social Platforms to use, but use them you must, and keeping current is more important than ever.  THERE IS OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NEW SPACES THAT CREATE ATTENTION.

"you've been doing an awesome job buddy"

"I've been posting my videos on the group thread with the thumbnails mate. The website looks great, you've been doing an awesome job buddy."

- Darryl (Knife Monkey)

What You'll Get...

What is a TEOTWAWKI Channel, and why is it so Different than My YouTube Channel:

"YouTube is a Great Place to Publish Your Video's, and it's FREE"

...and YouTube pays it's bills and keeps their servers running by placing ads on the videos they host, yours and mine, Everyone's videos.  We all enjoy that YouTube even pays us all a small stipend, but let's face facts, it is a Small paycheck for all of the work that goes into producing just one Awesome video. 


Having Your Chosen and Best Videos on a TEOTWAWKI Channel allows you to Control the Money you make, and the Advertisements you Show.  And because your videos are still hosted and shown from YouTube, the ads they put in them remained there and make you money as well if you are still eligible for Monitization.

If your strategy is such that you Share all your videos from your TEOTWAWKI Channel,  you will always make the "Lions Share" of the Money.


Open Your Second Location and take Control NOW!

With over a Billion Active YouTube Channels, how can you Stand Out and get seen above all the noise?

We Are Not Re-inventing the Wheel: Just getting YOU more Mileage out of it!!!

Don't kid yourself, your YouTube Videos are still showing Ads You're just not being paid for those Sidebar, and Banner Ads.  But your TEOTWAWKI Sidebar is just that, YOURS.  Every Ad, weather Banner or Sidebar can pay you Per Impression if you choose, and you can place video Ads within your content without asking for YouTube's permission.

There is No Down-Side to being in control of your Content, in fact being in charge is an awesome feeling, and is why so many Pro Athletes are becoming Free Agents, and getting their own Endorsements, and you can too.

YouTube offers a Great Service, they will Host 4K, 360, VR and HD, all of your videosand then reprocess them to show up in any Browser, Device or Operating System all while suggesting such things as Anti-Shake, Free Music and an easy Video Editor all For FREE.

But YouTube's Business Model is not your Business Model

You want to make the content that you choose, and can talk about whatever you want, even if it offends some, that's your choice.  

YouTube answers to their clients wishes and needs, but are trying not to offend Creators, like you, so they blame it on algorithms and Social Pressure, Bad Actors and the Best Interest of their community.  They want you to feel good about being Screwed, this way you will continue to grow you audience, and their massive Video Database, Hence, their Bottom Line.

So go Ahead, continue to use YouTube's Awesome FREE Hosting, all while taking control of Your Content, Your Opinions, and Your Monetization

What You Get With TEOTWAWKI...

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    A Facebook Creator's Network
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    Channels with  Playlists
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    Affiliate Links YOU Choose
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    Two 300x250 Sidebar Averts *
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    Pages to Call Your Own.

* Each 300x250 or 300x600 Sidebar Ads can Rotate up to 10 separate Advertiser's Ads for a total of 10 to 20  Affiliate Ads per channel 

Be The Producer and Talent


As many Channels as you choose depending on how many YouTube Channels you have now.  When you, or others, Share YOUR Videos, they see what you want them to see... your Ads, your Banners, and your Sponsors!!!

Take Control with FREE setup!


Get Instant Access Start Today!

You Already Have All The Videos You Need On YouTube To Build Your TEOTWAWKI Channel, What Are You Waiting For? YouTube To Drop A Dime In YOUR CUP


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Do you Censor content like YouTube does?

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